A Delicious, Guilt-Free Ice Cream

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Is This The Tastiest healthy Ice Cream In The Entire World?

The FitFreeze secret formula and delicious flavors have been rigorously tested and tweaked for over 9 years to ensure maximum sweetness and taste with minimum fat, sugar, and calories.

Why have we spent over 9 years perfecting the most famous dessert on earth?

The reason is simple: We wanted to create an ice cream that was so delicious, it would shock you that it’s also packed with nutrients your body craves (and deserves) on a daily basis.

And we didn’t stop there...

FitFreeze’s rich, decadent Vanilla and Chocolate flavors also tackle 3 famous "health nightmares" that have haunted ice cream lovers for years--and does it all without sacrificing the creamy pints of gooey flavors you’ll come to desire night after night.

The 3 “Ticking Time Bombs” That Are Ruining Your Health In "Normal" Ice Creams

Wait. What are these toxins that are silently raging in your freezer?

...Ice creams with too much sugar crammed into each pint...

...Desserts that provide ZERO nutritional content for your body...

(or your children’s growth into healthy adults).

...Flavors that were so famously awful you just wanted to throw them out after the first bite!

Kiss Those Ice Creams--
and Their Harmful Toxins--
Goodbye Forever!

Ice creams are notorious for being chock full of excess sugar and heavy creams. Some reports say the fat from milk is a staggering 18 PERCENT!

Why? Sugar tastes fantastic and the ice cream “scientists” know this.

After all...

Greedy Fortune 500 Fat-Cats Continue To Poison You, Pumping In LEGAL Sugar and Artificial Flavors...

Why? The answer is green and goes in your wallet or purse.

It’s simply so you’ll pick up pint after pint of their products. But that’s not the road FitFreeze wanted to go down.

We wanted to give you rich, creamy ice cream--the good stuff you desire each time you reach for a spoon. We strove for unrivaled taste and creamy richness--without overdoing it.

That’s why FitFreeze tastes terrific, with just enough real sugar and 100% all-natural, calorie-free Stevia sweetener to easily satisfy your midnight cravings without damaging your health.

And not only that, but...

  • It's diabetic-friendly, gluten-free, and a perfect hidden “health treat” for kids. They get to enjoy a savory dessert while you smile behind their back :)
  • You’ll feel zero anxiety about giving it to them because it's loaded with all the right nutrients.

It’s a win-win. You can clearly see FitFreeze is a truly healthy option for your family, while also never letting you down with luxurious ice cream flavors.

Let’s Get Real: No One Eats
Cardboard-Flavored Ice Cream
and Claim It Tastes Amazing!...

That’s why...

We’re on a mission to make the world’s greatest healthy ice cream.

When we started FitFreeze, our goals were two-fold:

  • Your health must not be compromised for profits...
  • And the heavenly taste that you experience must be paramount.

And we want to prove that we’ve achieved both of those lofty goals.

Below you'll find the label of both our chocolate and vanilla flavors. Check out the Nutrition Facts and Ingredients; Trust us, you're in for a treat...

Click here
to enlarge vanilla label.

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to enlarge chocolate label

10 Ways FitFreeze Will PROVE We’re healthy!

  1. It's Really 100% All Natural! There are ZERO artificial flavors or sweeteners. Studies have been done linking aspartame (a chemical in artificial sweeteners), among other artificial sweeteners, to headaches, cancer, and depression. Who needs it? Not you, right?
  2. High-Quality Protein Sources! This means your body won’t be forced to reject harmful substances or experience painful side effects (which Big Box food retailers love because it costs less to mass order). Just whey, milk, and calcium caseinate.
  3. Your kids will love it and you'll feel good about giving it to them because it's safe, healthy, and all-natural! You and your kids will be digesting the “good stuff” that your mind and body so desperately need.
  4. No Heavy Hitters! We don’t make fattening choices like inserting 14% - 18% milk fat into your ice cream. These dangerous ingredients are old standbys for “gourmet” ice cream makers, because they only desire the chime of that cash register ringing (their fat-cat owners laughing all the way to the bank!).
  5. Stay Full For Less: Each serving of FitFreeze has 8 grams of fiber to keep you going on your next adventure. And this digestive “powerhouse” means your cravings are immediately gone.
  6. Flaxseed Is A Healthy Fat Source! (These essential fatty acids are terrific for you). Don’t let that fool you on the taste. It’s dissolved naturally with great vanilla or chocolate choices. Your kids won’t even know it’s there. No more eating “double dinners” like sugary cereal before bed. You’ll love not having to constantly consume food to feel satisfied.
  7. Wow! Gluten Free! Your body thanked us in advanced so you don’t have to. Why put into your body anything dangerous that wasn’t essential for optimal health?
  8. Perfect For Diabetics: Since it’s 5x lower in sugar than the leading brand of ice cream, and isn’t shot full of dangerous chemicals, you can feel safe about sneaking spoonfuls with the guilt of knowing it’s harming your future.
  9. Low in Saturated fat, Cholesterol, Sugar, and Calories, so it's great for fat loss!
  10. FitFreeze is the perfect cure for sweet-tooth cravings, and because it’s good for you, it won’t sabotage your nutrition plan.

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Our Personal Promise To You:

At FitFreeze, we believe you must be delighted with each flavor, and mouth-watering goodness of our premium fat-burning ice cream. You must--without a shadow of a doubt--believe that what we’ve said here is the honest truth about how terrific and delicious each flavor tastes.

You must also agree with us about our claims showing you how wonderful it is for your body. You must see how amazing you feel after you’ve let those extra "premium" and "gourmet" ice creams stop poisoning your body.

If you decide that you don't agree that FitFreeze is worth every penny--then we don’t want your money.

If for that reason--or any reason at all--you don’t feel like we’ve lived up to our part of the deal, simply send it back and ask for your money back.

It will be rushed to you as fast as we can process a refund back on your card. It’s that simple. And we’ll part as friends. It doesn’t get any more Risk-Free than that!

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  • Melody Thompson
    lost more than 80 lbs of fat!*

  • Eric Post
    got 6-pack abs in 12 weeks!*

  • Katie Moullet
    lost 23 inches in just 12 weeks!*

  • John Fabian
    lost 125 lbs of fat!*

*Results are from our original ice cream formula, Protein Freeze. New results are currently being documented with FitFreeze and we'll post stats, photos, and video soon!